the samples were homogenized in a ball mill

Dietary fiber, fructooligosaccharides, and physicochemical


The roots were washed, peeled under distilled water to avoid oxidation, and cut into 1 × 1 × 1 cm cubes. The cubes were immersed in 5 g/l ascorbic acid solution for 1 min. Approximately 300 g of the material was minced in a Grindomix® GM200 knife mill (Retsch, Germany) at 7000 rpm for 45 s

Cell Disruption: Sonication vs. Homogenization

Dec 17, 2015· Mechanical homogenization utilizes direct physical force to bring a biological sample in solution to a state of uniform distribution, such that all fractions' molecular composition is consistent. Traditionally, mechanical disruption was achieved by freezing tissues and

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homogenized samples were transferred from the ball mill cylinder to glass tubes, and the cylinder was rinsed with 1.0 mL of 80% ice-cold methanol three times. The combined extracts were sonicated for 10 min, then centrifuged (Thermo


samples at as low a temperature as possible, gradually increasing and decreasing the temperature during the ashing process, using a slow gas-flow rate, and never opening the

Pasteurized vs. Homogenized Milk: What's The Difference

Nov 29, 2016· While it is possible to have pasteurized milk that hasn't been homogenized and homogenized milk that hasn't been pasteurized, most milk found in U.S. supermarkets have undergone both processes. If they are to occur together, milk is typically pasteurized first and then homogenized, because the heat from pasteurization makes fat molecules easier to break down for homogenization.

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Planetary ball mills are able to crush all manner of materials, including soft, elastic, hard, brittle and fibrous samples. They are also able to mix and homogenize emulsions and pastes. At the end of the 1960s, WAB introduced the DYNO®-MILL, the first agitator bead mill with a completely enclosed horizontal grinding cylinder.

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Store samples at -80°C for later use or keep on ice for immediate homogenization. For a ~5 mg piece of tissue, add ~300 L of ice cold lysis buffer rapidly to the tube, homogenize with an electric homogenizer, rinse the blade twice with another 2 x 300 L lysis buffer, then maintain constant agitation for 2 h at 4°C (eg place on an orbital shaker in the fridge).

Thermal Properties of Some Turkish Peloids and Clay

Matured 20 peloid samples were taken from main spa centers in Turkey (Figure 1). After drying and sieving the samples, subsequently, they were homogenized, dried and pulverized for 5 min in a porcelain ball mill for mineralogical analyses. The pure clay minerals, with mineralogical and chemical properties previously defined in [14] and

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the samples were homogenized in a ball mill Grinding

The mixture was homogenized in a Ball-mill (MM301 Retsch, Haan, Germany) at maximum speed for 30 seconds Samples were then spun down, 400 l CTAB-buffer were added, and the mixture was incubated at 65°C for one hour


Application Note: Elemental Analysis: CHNS/O Determination

Different coal samples were analyzed to demonstrate the reproducibility in the FlashSmart EA. Samples were homogenized by a ball mill. Table 1 shows the CHNS data of six coal samples, which were analyzed ten times consequently. The calibration was performed with 23 mg of BBOT (2,5-Bis (5-ter-butyl-benzoxazol-2-yl) thiophene) OEA Standard.

Preparation of Bauxite-Based Homogenized Mullite Grogs

It was observed through these two tests that, increase in ball milling time after 6 hours resulted in grain size reduction. Field emission scanning electron microscopy analysis showed that nano-coppers were regularly found on the surface of kaolinite particles after 6

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were performed at beamline 11-2 in the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource. MW1, MW2, and BRS soil samples were finely ground with mortar and pestle and homogenized with a ball mill (crescent wig-l-bug), with oven dried Boron Nitride (Sigma-Aldrich 99.99%), to achieve a manageable volume.

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preparation of your sample MIXER/MILL. sample preparation for: spexsampleprep, the 8000 line of mixer/mills are powerful, high-energy ball mills that pulverize hard or brittle samples to analytical fineness two models are available, the single clamp 8000m mixer/mill and the dual clamp 8000d mixer/mill

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Aug 16, 2019· As pre-treatment, the freeze-dried samples were homogenized in a planetary ball mill (Retsch PM 200, Haan, Germany). Then, 0.05 g (±1%) of pulverized samples was weighed out on a Discovery DV215CD Analytical Balance (Ohaus Europe , Nanikon, Switzerland) into 1.5 mL micro centrifuge tubes.


The obtained samples from the ball mills input of the Sarcheshmeh copper mine were crushed in a jaw crusher (Fritsch 01.703). The size fraction of -2000 +250 micrometers was collected for experiments. Samples was then homogenized and sealed in polyethylene bags. Samples were chemically analyzed which their chemical compositions presented in

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Preparation: Pooled cell pellet samples were homogenized in a mini-ball mill. Into each sample 400 ul of 40% aqueous methanol, ~270 mg of 0.7 mm zirconia beads (Biospec), and two 3mm borosilicate beads (Kimble Chase) was added. Samples were then homogenized for 10 minutes (at the maximum rate) and centrifuged for 10 min at 4750 RPM.


SAMPLE COLLECTION, HANDLING AND PREPARATION ! # The remaining mixture can then be homogenized to produce an analytical sample for other analyses. Sample Preparation ! # Ball mill # Hammer mill Sample Preparation ! Keep ground samples in glass or plastic containers

Frozen Tissue Homogenization

Nov 15, 2011· The freezer mill operation for 25 stony coral samples, will take 2 to 5 hr with a minimum of two people working together. Most of the time is spent removing extraneous endolithic algae and excess skeleton from coral samples prior to grinding. Grinding 20 samples with a mortar and

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Up to 6 liver samples are thoroughly homogenized in this way. Various combinations of grinding ball sizes and numbers as well as sample volumes were tested for the homogenization of liver with the result that a few 10 mm balls had a much better size reduction

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with vegetable or meat (40% of the samples purchased). The samples were homogenized, immediately after being removed from the commercial packaging, using a Robot Coupe homogenizer (Model RSI 10, Robot Coupe USA Inc., Joliet, IL) until a smooth and consistent texture was obtained. Frozen samples were homogenized while frozen.


The materials of 700 cm 3 volume sample with the balls was charged to the ball mill and ground initially at 100 revolutions. The ground sample was screened wit h the test sieve and the undersize sample was weighed and fresh unsegregated feed was added to the oversize to bring its weight back to that of original charge. T he numbers

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ground vegetation. The samples were oven-dried at 60 °C for 14 weeks, and stored at ambient temperatures. Bulk above ground vegetation samples were first ground to 1 cm or less than homogenized to a consistent size powder with a ball mill. In cases where there was too little sample, the samples were ground with a mortar and pestle.

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The plate with sample was placed into the mixer mill (HT Homogenizer, OPS Diagnostics) and homogenized at 1200 rpm for 2 minutes. The lysate was then transferred to a 2ml microfuge tube, followed by the addition of 20 l SDS and 20 l Proteinase K.

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