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Jul 25, 2011· Grinding the ways on my 1954 model 20" Standard Duty Gap Bed Lodge & Shiply lathe S/N 41697. If I had to do it again, I'll send it out to be done! Very time consuming. I had to do it for the

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Where to get a bed regrind? | Model Engineer

Dec 02, 2017· Pretty obvious that hardening should be done before regrinding. But I don't understand the comment that "so he is already undersize". This bed has never been reground, so I expect it could be hardened prior to regrinding, Or is the likely distortion will be so great that the "maximum permitted regrind" will be exceeded?

lathe regrinding service

Ball mills are used primary for single stage fine grinding, regrinding, and as the second stage in two stage grinding circuits. Belt Conveyor ILY delivers the world's most comprehensive range of

lathe regrinding service

lathe regrinding service Myford Ltd Facebook Buy Myford Ltd genuine lathe parts and with all of the knowledge around on these lathes and all of the accessorie s and the regrinding service available. Lathe Regrinding Service colemedeu. Lathe Bed Re-grinding practicalmachinist Jun 17, 2008 We do not offer a service just to regrind ways, A

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Welcome to the most trusted and comprehensive Way Grinding directory on the Internet. A broad range of Way Grinding resources are compiled in this industrial portal which provides information on manufacturers, distributors and service companies in the Way Grinding industry.

Spindle Grinding Service, Inc. Have Grinder, Will Travel

Spindle Grinding Service, Inc. provides spindle taper grinding in the machine with mobile, on-site, in-plant, precision grinding equipment. Their motto is Have Grinder, Will Travel

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Feb 05, 2011· Hi boadica With regards to the regrind, I went on their (regrind) web site to get the dates as I hadn't had a reply email from them yet. I spoke with one of the chaps on the trade stand last year who explained it all but the site has info about the saddle that he didn't tell me about or he did and I forgot.

Bed Grinding & Restoration

Bed Grinding & Restoration . After using K81121 for 6 months or so it was time to get serious about rebuilding it. Prior to my ownership it was a working lathe in a Toolroom and had certainly been well used, and probably a bit abused in some areas.

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CNC carbide tool regrinding services. Materials handled include solid carbide and high speed steel. Capabilities include 2-axis, 3-axis and 5-axis CNC grinding, CNC vertical machining, CNC/manual lathe work, 2-axis and 3-axis vertical milling, abrasive cutoff sawing, vertical band sawing, horizontal cutoff sawing, MIG welding, brazing, jig boring, engraving, sand blasting and laser marking.

The Information Blog: Bed and saddle regrinds at Myford

Jul 15, 2010· Bed and saddle regrinds at Myford. and one bad component doesn't write off a lathe provided the work of repair is correctly carried out and inspected to reaffirm original standards have been restored. We provide a full description of our Bed and Saddle regrind service

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way grinding for machine tools and related services, scraping, machinery way grinding, portable way grinding field service. The rebuilding of both production and tool room machinery.

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Like Blanchard grinding, surface grinding uses a magnetic chuck and an abrasive wheel to remove material.Most surface grinders have the abrasive wheel spindle in a horizontal position. Surface grinding can produce a surface that is smoother, flatter and more parallel than Blanchard grinding, and it is ordinarily used only for removing small amounts of material at a time.


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I wonder why Professional Rebuilders don't do it that way? They could bring a portable rig and regrind your lathe bed while you nipped out to lunch. I bet they just haven't thought of it yet, Huh? 8^) A decent lathe deserves better..even if that means hand scraping the whole thing.

Severance Tool : Regrind Service

The Severance Regrind Department is staffed by the company's most experienced personnel because restoration is a more exacting task than original manufacture. The first challenge is to correctly identify incoming tools as to their brand, size, shape and catalog number (or drawing number in the case of specials). Then, the degree of damage is evaluated for each tool to determine the

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Full refurbished Myford Lathes. If your Myford lathe needs service, repair or refubishing, we provide the care your Myford Lathe needs. For information, please contact us. Special shipping services. At MyfordSolutions all orders receive special care regarding their shipment. Please read more about our shipping services and rates.

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Lehmann Lathes reputation in USA manufacturing of Hollow Spindle Lathes is second to none. Now Our innovative program is designed to restore your existing Lehmann lathe to its original accuracy on alignments and spindle run-outs. We offer our customers an extensive list of rebuilding options to fit productivity requirements.

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-Lathes are put onto a brand new cabinet, with new raising blocks and a new drip tray (normally £535 + VAT)-Included is a brand new Pratt Burnerd 100mm 3 jaw chuck, fitted to a backplate, ready to put straight on to the lathe (normally £195 + VAT)-Lathes come fitted with brand new Dixon style quick change toolpost set (normally £95 + VAT)

ADVICE, Aftermath of a Lathe Bed regrind. | Model Engineer

ADVICE, Aftermath of a Lathe Bed regrind. Myford 280 regrind. Or coming loose in service, as described above. Or, on the one occasion I can recall where the Moglice was still servicable during a rebuild, the abrasive nature of the cured material caused a lot of problems we ended up buying two boxes of carbide scraper inserts (20

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This Lathe Tool Attachment holds HSS and carbide lathe tools so they are properly centered and aligned at the desired height. No more guessing when it comes to regrinding your lathe tools! Fits the Model G0687 Tool and Die Grinder.

Regrind of lathe ways [Archive] Woodwork Forums

Jun 27, 2008· There is an artical on regrinding a myford lathe, in my latest model engineers workshop mag. It isn't the latest issue, but is the current issue available in Australia. It has some very good tips on what to look for in a regrinding service. I would try to pick up the mag if I were you.

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Machine Rebuild and Refurbishment Services. Binns & Berry Lathe undergone complete regrind and realignment. This machine was stripped back to casting. All parts replaced, all slides re ground to manufacturers tolerances. Machine supplied to customer with 12 months warranty .

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Regrinding of flange seats for equipment and process lines. The machining is performed using portable lathes and tools suitable for turning, milling, boring, drilling, lapping, and so on. Our machines are suitable for restoring flanges up to 3100 mm wide.

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Machine tailstock bore to size and regrind internal taper; Repair/replace all defective electrical controls and wiring. Replace all belts, seals, hoses, gaskets and filters. LeBlond Ltd's remanufactured lathes have a full one (1) year parts and service warranty. Request Quote. For New Sales, Parts, & Services

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About Us Effingham Regrinding, Inc. began as a sole proprietorship in Effingham, IL in 1943. It grew to a partnership in 1950 and incorporated in 1957. Quickly outgrowing its original downtown Effingham location, Effingham Regrinding, Inc. relocated to its current location at 411 W. Wernsing Ave., in Effingham with five additions to the original building []

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Mobile spindle taper grinding, on-site spindle taper grinding, in-plant machine spindle taper grinding or taper regrinding service for worn, damaged, crashed and wrecked spindles with BT40, BT50, BT60, CAT40, CAT50, CAT60 tapers and larger, including Big Plus and HSK tapers

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